Femblossom Heat - Light Jade

Femblossom Heat
Femblossom has a unique, curvaceous shape designed to stimulate the hundreds of sensitive nerve endings in the area of the body known as the orgasmic platform. It cleverly works in tune with your body to bring you intense pleasure, ensuring that you achieve sexual wellbeing.

With nine different speed and frequency settings, it offers something for every woman and you may just find yourself spoilt for choice.

A single-click function allows Femblossom to gradually heat up to complement the speed and frequency of the programme selected, creating a deliciously warm sensation to heighten and intensify your pleasure. It’s easy to operate, and extremely quiet when in use.

As with all our products, Femblossom is subtle, tasteful and has been developed, and made, using the best of British technology and engineering capability, and medical grade materials.

Femblossom "Heat" will run for between
90 and 240 minutes on full charge.

Supplied with:
• Femblossom
• AC Adaptor (mains charger)
• Instruction booklet

• Free Silicon Lubricant


  (inc vat)