The Emotional Bliss journey began in 2003. At that time, we planned to help women struggling with hormonal balance and menopause. We felt strongly that for too long, women had been prescribed unnecessary antidepressants and other medication to combat depression and other negative symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalance. We would show them how to naturally reconnect with their bodies and harness its natural ability to rebalance hormone levels.

Our research

Our in-depth research revealed that hormonal rebalance could be achieved by the female orgasm. Here, the focus is not on sex but on what happens to the body and mind when an orgasm occurs. This is a natural way of maintaining a healthy hormonal balance, without the need for medication. All that Emotional Bliss needed to do was find a way to tap into this natural remedy so that women could embrace this aspect of self-care. For too long the Western world has concentrated on artificial remedies, which come with a host of unpleasant side effects. We know that recent research from Denmark links HRT treatments to dementia amongst other life-changing health issues.

Our Mission

Our mission was to tap into the female body's natural ability to maintain hormonal harmony whilst experiencing intense euphoria during an orgasm. Forget weeks of testing and taking blood samples to identify hormonal imbalances before treating them with synthetic pharmaceuticals – at Emotional Bliss we do not agree with the unnecessary use of antidepressants and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in women. The brain's natural mechanism for replenishing hormones in the female body is there to be used, producing serotonin, dopamine, and even oestrogen, which are key to feeling good. In 2003, the magical effects of these mood stabilisers, which act as hormones in the body, were being debated. Journey forward to the present day and the positive effects of serotonin, dopamine and oestrogen are well accepted.

Our Study

With our research complete, we needed to find a way of assisting women to achieve orgasms. Our studies showed that some women struggled, finding orgasm elusive and difficult to attain. With this in mind, our design team produced a handcrafted intimate massager that focuses on the most sensitive areas of the body. It enables women to effortlessly and discreetly achieve this essential orgasm as part of their regular health routine. Designed to work only with the female body, this is not to be confused with mass-produced sex toys that are marketed as frivolous novelties.

By using the Emotional Bliss intimate massager, women no longer have to worry about being unable to achieve an orgasm. In an empirical study involving 30 ladies from Doncaster in various stages of menopause, our focus was on them achieving an orgasm three times a week for the first two weeks, preferably alone to familiarize themselves with their body's reaction. For the remaining eight weeks, we suggested a minimum usage of once a week, with or without a partner.

Our Results

The results spoke for themselves with orgasms being attained. The emotional and mental wellbeing of the women taking part improved. Physically, the women saw an acceleration in nail growth, improved skin, and reduction of joint pain, fewer night sweats, enhanced cognitive function, and improved sleep. All of this can be attributed to the release of estrogen in the brain together with testosterone, progesterone, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin when an orgasm occurs.

Women using the Emotional Bliss intimate massager can attain orgasm regularly, helping to restore the body's natural balance. The focus here is not on pleasure alone, nor the sexual element of the orgasm, but on the ability it has to naturally and positively affect overall physical and mental health as nature intended.

The Emotional Bliss intimate massager is suitable for every woman, particularly those struggling with hormonal balance during menopause, living with diabetes, thyroid or multiple sclerosis.