Womolia Heat - Only €99.50 each


7 Simulating Modes

Heat Technology

2 hrs USB Charging

30 Day Standby

90 Mins Runtime


Womolia Heat

The Womolia Heat is a highly sophisticated intimate massager designed by a sex therapist. Its gentle curve allows the heated, angled tip to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings within the entrance of the vagina, labia, and the clitoris, focusing the sensation on specific areas of your choosing. While it may resemble a 'traditional' vibrator in terms of shape and length, the emphasis of pleasure from this intimate massager lies in external stimulation, intensifying sensations for a more pleasurable sensory experience that works with your body to bring you intense pleasure and achieve that perfect orgasm, again and again.

As you use your Womolia, it will begin to heat up, further increasing your arousal and providing you with an incredible orgasmic experience. The easy-to-reach single-click function allows you to switch between 7 varying speeds and frequencies as you explore your full orgasmic potential. So, recline, take your time, and let the Womolia be your guide as you discover a new level of sexual pleasure with a clitoral orgasm you’ve never experienced before.

Top tip – Try inserting the tip of your Womolia into your vagina (to a maximum of 25mm) for an all-together different experience. Gently rock your Womolia as you push the tip into your vagina and use our lubricant for a natural and comfortable glide.

What’s the difference between Womolia and Femblossom?

Both Womolia and Femblossom are designed to stimulate the external region of the vulva, including the clitoris, but there are some significant differences between the two. The choice is completely yours…


Supplied with:

  • 100ml Silicon Lubricant
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Booklet
  • EB Canvas Bag


Intimate Massager

Clitoral or labia stimulation?

Can penetrate the vagina?


Hands-on or hands-off?

Variable speed and frequency settings?

Ribbed tip?

Heat function?

Womolia Heat


Yes, up to 25mm

Sleek and gently angled to reach the clitoris


Yes, 7



Femblossom Heat



Shaped to fit the natural curve of a woman’s body, wide enough to stimulate the clitoris and labia at the same time


Yes, 7




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